The band is dead… officially!

The title says it all…

It was a fun trip! we want to thanks everybody who supported us!


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Please, feel free to share and copy this message with the post.

Trainwreck Architect are holding auditions for a drummer.
You must meet the following qualifications.

1.You must own your own drum kit.

2.You must be available to practice 2 to 3 times a week

3.Studio experience.

4.Live experience.

5.A job to pay $100 rent at the practice space we rent every month .

6. We prefer if you are not currently in another band.

7. Open to music stylistically due to the different kinds of songs we have written for the next album.

8.We need someone that can play fast and speedy but also slow and heavy and in between.
Good with rolls, double kick and double pedal.

9. Must be dedicated and passionate about music.

10. Must be able to keep your personal life issues and the band separate.

We will send you 3 songs off of our album to learn. You will have a deadline and we will audition you.

After the audition we will talk between the members and then contact you later on to advise you of our choice.

we currently have a drum kit at the pad for you to audition on.

We are a serious group of individuals and look forward to getting back on the right track(pun intended)

We will come back a stronger and dominant force. If you are at all intrigued please contact us at
or through facebook.

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Marc’s departure from the band

Dear Wreckers,

We have to announce that Marc-Antoine, our fellow drummer since 2010, is now leaving the band. The departure was done with all respect, without any hard feeling. And don’t worry, this is not the end of the band.

We will always be thankful for all the involvement Marc had for the band. We will keep good memories of the Traits of the Sick album, the Wreck the Road Tour, and all these battles of the bands we did with him during the last 4 years!

 Cheers to you Marc!

Here is a personnal message from Marc:

All good things comes to a end but hopefully not all good things. To make this straight, my time with Trainwreck Architect has come to a end but don’t worry this NOT the end of the band. It was a very hard heart tearing decision for me but sometimes you must move on and leave the past behind to make some place to other things. Almost 4 years has passed since we first jamed together in 2010 and so many amazing times  took places since that time. It is now time for me to say thank you one last time to all the amazing people who made these crazy years possible. THANK YOU I can’t name everyone cause I will forget people, I love you all you know who you are and I will see you for sure again in coming shows. I am so proud cause all my life I will be able to say that I’ve been a part of this great band and the greatest part is that it’s not over and the boys are still pumped up to keep wrecking hard all over the place. There is so much great material coming up in the next album, the best is yet to come !!! The only bad news is that no one can call them self the biggest Trainwreck fan anymore cause it’s me !!! Thank you I love you all !!! Renaud, Simon, Eric and Raza you are all my brothers forever whatever happens I will miss you guys big time and I can’t wait for the next show so get the fuck to work and wreck it !!!
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End of the Tour / New show announced in MTL

Hi everyone!

The ”Wreck the Road Tour” is now over! It has been a really great experience for us to tour Quebec and Ontario for the first time.

Touring is a lot of adventure… the site Dead Rethoric gave us the chance to describe the last part of the Tour on their website in Blog post containing exclusive videos of OFF stage performance!

Click on those links to see a lot of funny stuff from the band!

Trainwreck Architect Summer Tour Part 1

Trainwreck Architect Summer Tour Part 2

We are also announcing that we will do a new show in Montreal on Friday July 25th, with Lich Kings, Reanimator and Mutank and Painkiller at l’Alizée!



You can attend to Facebook event here!

It is gonna be a Thrashy night!!

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Quebec City June 13th – Montreal June 14th – Sherbrooke June 15th

Wreck the Road Tour is not over and we will hit the road again next week-end for the biggest part of this tour:

Quebec City – Friday June 13th – Salle L’Unisson

Montreal – Saturday June 14th – Piranah Bar

Sherbrooke – Sunday June 15th – Bar le Magog

The Montreal show will especially have two new songs from the upcoming album! We never played those live!


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Guelph show on may Saturday 31st 2014

In one week, we’ll be performing at Van Gogh’ Ear at Guelph!

We are really excited to take the road for another week-end! Being on the road with Trainwreck Architect is a more epic adventure than any Indiana Jones movie you’ve ever seen!!

See you on the stage Wreckers!



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New-Brunswick shows cancelled

We are really disappointed to announce we’ll have to cancel both of our shows in New-Brunswick this week end. (may 16th and 17th)
”Le Caveau”, the place where the show in Moncton was supposed to be held, has just closed its doors one week before the show without any notice.
We are working right now to organize more dates in the maritime for the end of the summer.

See you at Guelph on May 31st!!

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Review / interview from show at Foufs!!


We had a memorable blast playing with Primal Fear on last Friday at Foufounes éléctrique! The crowd was awesome!

You can check a really funny Review / Interview with Eric and Simon.

Click here to see!

The next step of the Wreck the Road Tour will be Saturday may 10th in Windsor at the Coach and Horses! Do not miss us!

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Trainwreck Architect on Ondes Chocs Jam Space Series

Hey Wreckers! You wanna see how it feels to be in the  Trainwreck Architect jamspace? We did a full band video interview on Ondes Chocs for the Jam Space Series! Also, features two videos from our jam space: The Door Slams Shut and the new song Midnight Bitch! It actually feels like you are jamming with the band… without the old carpet smell…!

You can watch it all on Ondes Chocs site!


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TRAINWRECK ARCHITECT Announce ‘Wreck The Road Tour’; Dates in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick

Your favorite Wreck ‘n roll band is proud to announce dates for their ‘Wreck The Road Tour’ that will see them performing shows in News Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario between the months of May and June that includes an opening support slot for German power metal masters Primal Fear on Friday, May 2 in Montreal, QC at Foufounes Electriques.

Drummer Marc-Antoine Blackburn comments:

For us, the time we hit the road is just the best time of the year! We can’t wait to see all these lovely faces that will come wreck their necks with us and have a great time! Ultimately that’s what it all comes down to, the reason why we’re doing all this is to get out there and wreck it like there’s no tomorrow. See ya soon wreckers !!!

Tour Dates:

May 2 – Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC w/ Primal Fear, Eclipse Prophecy, Instanzia

May 10 – Coach & Horses – Windsor, ON w/ In Our Infinite Space, Sophist

May 16 – Le Caveau – Moncton, NB

May 17 – Charlotte Street Arts Centre – Fredericton, NB

May 31 – Van Gogh’s Ear – Guelph, ON – Psychotic, Frenemy

June 12 – TBA – Cornwall, ON  w/ CAYM

June 13 -  Salle Unisson – Quebec City, QC w/ CAYM, No Escape

June 14 – Piranha Bar – Montreal, QC w/ CAYM, Gypsy Chief Goliath, Dirtcake

June 15 – Bar Le Magog – Sherbrooke, QC w/ CAYM, Comatebro

July 4 – Bar Le Lorrie-Ann - La Baie , QC w/ Wanderlost

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